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What Others Have Said

"My relatonship with Dr. Ghazi Algosaibi started when he was teaching political science. He was in truth, a source of energy and excellence at the university. He’s viewed as an exemplary teacher.”


 - Dr. Turki Alhamad 


“We have lost the ambassador of our culture and a symbol, he left us with a treasure of his works that will remain with us and with future generations. His achievements are vast and varied, he captivated those around him with his spirit, deep intellect, and his beautiful way of speeking.”


 - Dr. Abdullah AlGhathami


“He served the nation in many disciplines, and success accompanied him in whatever he did. We have a lot to be grateful for in what he has done. He used his pen to address many political and social challenges. It is hard to qualify all that he’s achieved, but suffice it to say we are proud that he served his country, his contributions remain valuable and precious.”


-Dr. Suhail Fadhi


“Ghazi Algosaibi was one of the first to transcend geographic boundaries to extend his creativity to the entire Arab world and to several languages. We have an extensive body of literary works which he hasleft us, it is up to us to maintain and preserve them for future generations.”


- Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Subail


“He was a man of leadership, that served his country with all that he had. He had an honest and energetic determination to serve the nation and its people.Algosaibi has not died, because he has left his mark on the hearts of all those who loved him. He is one of the most prominent Arab personalities of the last few decades. His impact is felt in many ways, the poetry that will not gather dust, the accomplished novelist, and successful civil servant. He was devoted in everything he did."


 - Dr Mohamed Al-Zalfa


“Algosaibi is one of the Arab pillars of the second half of the last century. A pioneer and rejuvenating force in Arabic poetry.”


- Abdulhameed AlMahadeen